Why is Pruning Important for Trees? A Guide for Greenville, NC Residents

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why is pruning important

Why is pruning important? In this post, Ultimate Tree Service, your reliable tree service in Greenville, NC, explains why trees and shrubs benefit from a good trim.

The Benefits of Proper Pruning

There are many benefits when you trim your trees.

Improves Health

When you prune your tree, you remove dead or diseased wood. You also remove severely damaged or pest-infested wood. By doing so, you can prevent the spread of pests and diseases.

More importantly, you save the tree from wasting resources on trying to heal or maintain limbs that are beyond repair. Finally, proper pruning improves air circulation and trains the tree to grow well. It’s an essential part of tree care.

Better Aesthetics

When you go for a haircut, you come out looking neater and better. The same applies to trees. By removing straggly limbs and branches, you enhance your tree’s good looks. You can go beyond this and create a specialized form to make your tree a feature.

Increasing Fruit Production

Why is pruning important for fruit production? Sometimes, fruit trees get too excited and produce too many buds. By removing some of these, you allow your tree to focus on the remaining ones. This means you get more ripe fruit than undeveloped, small pieces.

Another reason is that you remove old, unproductive branches. This allows the tree to save resources and focus on the new growth. It also stimulates flower bud growth, which leads to more fruit.

Finally, by clearing cluttered branches, you improve air circulation and light access. This also encourages the tree to bud. 

Better Safety

Sometimes, we need to trim our trees because they’re too close to buildings or power lines. When they encroach on structures, the roots can cause extensive damage. They can crack walls, crumble foundations, and uproot paving. 

Aside from that, there’s the physical hazard that the weak or dead branches pose. They might fall off at any time or become projectiles during the next heavy storm. By removing them, you can save lives and prevent property damage.

Supporting the Wildlife Habitat

Trees are an important part of any ecosystem. They provide shelter and food for a wide variety of insects, birds, and animals. When the trees are in good health, they’re a strong and steady fixture in this microcosm.

When they’re ailing, they don’t produce food and become more vulnerable to disease and damage.

Pruning can also play an important role in controlling undesirable elements. You can use it to remove wood infected with a fungal disease or invasive insect. Removing these from the ecosystem protects your tree and other plants in the vicinity. 

The Best Way To Reap These Benefits

There is one caveat here. You need to apply proper pruning techniques. If you’re not sure of what those are, you should contact an arborist for help. Arborists train to promote tree health and know all the tricks.

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