4 Common Tree-Boring Insects in Greenville, NC

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tree boring insects

Trees create habitats and food sources for many forms of wildlife. However, some pests, like tree-boring insects, can cause substantial harm to the trees they infest. Without prompt intervention from a tree care service, the plants in your yard could experience serious complications that affect their health, growth, and visual appeal. 

As a top tree service in Greenville, NC, our Ultimate Tree Service crew regularly diagnoses and treats local plants suffering from insect infestations. Continue reading to learn more about wood-boring pests in trees and how to recognize them. 

Buprestid Beetles

Buprestid beetles include a collection of metallic wood borers like the emerald ash borer and flathead appletree borer. These boring insects in trees usually have shiny, metallic-looking bodies in bright green, blue, or bronze. 

After adult buprestid beetles mate, they lay their eggs inside the nooks and crannies of tree bark. The larvae eat the tree’s leaves and burrow under its bark after hatching. The beetle larvae create long tunnels inside the tree which prevent the plant from getting enough nutrients.


One type of pest you don’t want to enter your home is the termite. You need to follow the appropriate landscaping tips to prevent yard critters such as termites from entering your property. Recognizing these insects boring into trees in your yard is the first step. 

Termites rank as one of the most damaging tree-boring insects in the Carolinas. However, these insects eat the cellulose in wood. They don’t simply dig into tree bark. Termites fall into three categories:

  • Drywood termites have small colonies with less than 3,000 termites and eat dry wood. 
  • Subterranean termites live in soil and generate the most destruction with colonies reaching up to a million termites.
  • Formosan termites refer to a type of subterranean termite with colonies exceeding one million members each.

Carpenter Ants

Carpenter ants aren’t as populous as beetles and termites. Still, they can cause significant tree damage.

The ants can grow up to a half-inch in length, and their colors include black, red, and yellow. A carpenter ant colony can have more than 10,000 workers. You’ll likely find these ants nesting inside rotting wood or trees with major water damage since they prefer damp, dark environments.


Horntail wasps, a non-stinging tree insect, bore wood from cut trees. These one-and-a-half-inch-long wasps have orange and yellow markings. Horntails burrow in tree trunks to lay their eggs. Unfortunately, these wasps can spread white rot fungi to trees during this process. 

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Identifying tree borer insects enables you to protect the health and appearance of the trees on your Greenville, North Carolina, property. Still, you’ll need professional guidance and treatment to ensure your trees thrive without harmful insect infestations. 

Ultimate Tree Service has a vast knowledge of local tree-boring insects and knows the best ways to handle them. Our experts dedicate themselves to providing the best quality tree care services including tree trimming, pruning, and emergency tree removal. We take a customer-focused approach, so experience our tree maintenance services and the benefits of proper pruning by calling Ultimate Tree Service at (252) 886-0373.

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