Should a Standing Dead Tree Be Removed in Greenville, NC?

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standing dead tree

Sadly, your dream of having your tree live for decades won’t always come true. Sometimes, your tree’s life can come to an unexpected end.

However, not all dead trees fall to the ground. Some remain standing long after they die. Though they might seem harmless, leaving a dead tree standing actually exposes you and your property to several safety risks.

In this article, we will look at the many reasons why you should remove a standing dead tree as soon as possible.

What Causes Tree Death?

While trees are known to live for hundreds of years, there’s a lot that threatens their longevity. For instance, your tree could die as a result of:

  • Tree disease
  • Extreme weather conditions
  • Pest infestations
  • Deep wounds
  • Poor care

Why You Should Remove a Standing Dead Tree

Regardless of what caused your tree’s death, it is extremely vital to deal with it as soon as you can. Here are four reasons why you should remove a standing dead tree.

1. It Could Fall

Your standing dead tree might seem sturdy, but this isn’t the case. Its structural integrity is heavily compromised, meaning it could fall at any time. When it does, it could land on your house, fence, or other piece of property, resulting in costly removal and repairs.

2. It Can Damage Other Trees

If your tree’s death was the result of disease, that disease could spread to neighboring trees. Soon, you could have a pandemic on your hands that will force you to get rid of what were once perfectly healthy trees.

3. It Attracts Pests

Dead trees are a great food source for certain wildlife species. When bugs like termites and carpenter ants set up shop in your tree, they’ll multiply quickly and spread all across your property.

What’s more, dead trees could become a wildlife habitat, making the entire situation a lot worse.

4. It Impacts Curb Appeal

Who doesn’t want their front yard to look aesthetically pleasing? Unfortunately, the bare branches and peeling bark dead trees sport will soon have your property looking quite unappealing.

Can You Cut Down the Tree Yourself?

While removing a standing dead tree is a no-brainer, many often wonder how to go about it. Should they do it themselves, or do they have to hire a tree removal service in Greenville, NC?

Cutting down the tree might seem straightforward, but it’s far from it. The process needs plenty of skill, experience, planning, and organization, not to mention proper equipment. This is why it’s always best to leave it to trained professionals.

Professional Tree Removal in Greenville, NC

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