Do I Need a Permit To Remove a Tree in Greenville, NC?

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do i need a permit to remove a tree

When you want to cut down a tree due to disease, safety, or any other reasons, you might ask yourself, “Do I need a permit to remove a tree in Greenville, NC?”

In this blog post, Ultimate Tree Service, a trusted Greenville, NC, tree removal company, delves deeper into the issue of whether or not you should obtain a tree removal permit. 

Greenville Tree Ordinances

Greenville, NC, has a set of ordinances that define whether you can remove your backyard tree. Generally, whether you need a tree removal permit will depend on the location and the size of the tree. 

Usually, if you’re dealing with a dead or hazardous tree or if the tree is growing too close to your house, you can remove it without a permit. You may also not need a permit if the tree is less than six inches in diameter. 

Additionally, there are about 76 invasive trees in North Carolina that you can remove without a permit. Once the state declares any tree dangerous, you’ll often not need a permit to remove it. However, this may not apply to street trees. 

Removing a Tree in Public Areas

Are you wondering, “Do I need a permit to remove a tree in a public area in Greenville, NC?” The simple answer is yes!

The law states that if you desire to remove a tree or shrub in any public area, public right-of-way, or open city-owned off-street parking area, you must first acquire a written permit from the City Arborist. 

Furthermore, any tree work you undertake under the permit must strictly adhere to the permit’s conditions. You’ll also need to stringently observe the arboricultural specifications and standards of practice defined by the City Arborist.  

However, there are some exceptions to Greenville’s urban forestry regulations. Suppose there’s an emergency like an ice storm, windstorm, tornado, hurricane, or any other disaster. In that case, the City Arborist will waive the tree removal permit requirements during the emergency period. This helps ensure that the regulations don’t hamper the removal of trees that would otherwise compromise public safety. 

What Happens If You Don’t Obtain Required Permits?

It’s unlawful and constitutes a misdemeanor if you violate any tree protection regulations in Greenville, NC. You risk paying a fine of up to $200 or spending up to 30 days in prison. If the violation results in the injury, mutilation, or death of a tree in a public area, you’ll bear the cost of replacing or repairing such a tree, in addition to other applicable penalties.

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Are you wondering, “Do I need a permit to remove a tree in Greenville, NC?” This will depend on the location and size of the tree. If you’re not sure if a tree requires a permit to remove it, talk to the professionals at Ultimate Tree Service. 

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