Five Low-Maintenance Trees To Plant in Your Yard in Greenville, NC

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low maintenance trees

Finding the perfect low-maintenance trees for your backyard can be a daunting task, especially if you don’t know what grows in your area. Luckily, Greenville is a sunny area with plenty of rain and good weather, making it conducive for hardy trees. If you want to know more about some simple upkeep trees that you can adopt for your yard, let Ultimate Tree Service, the leading provider of expert tree service in Greenville, NC, explain what you need to know.

1. Fuji Cherry Tree

Fuji cherry trees are narrow, hassle-free trees that look beautiful in the springtime, thanks to their pink petals. Since they’re tall and thin, they’re great for small yards. The Fuji cherry tree isn’t very imposing, either, making it ideal for those who don’t have time for excessive pruning or maintenance. 

2. Chinese Dogwood Tree

If you want one of the most robust yet low-upkeep trees available in Greenville, consider the Chinese dogwood tree. This tree’s pride is in the spring when thickly spread white blossoms begin to bloom. While they spread out a fair bit more than the Fuji cherry, these minimal maintenance trees can survive wherever you plant them, whether it be in the shade or direct sunlight.

3. Myrobalan Plum

The tall and reddish Myrobalan plum, also known as the cherry plum, is a survivor not only in the States but in some parts of Asia and Europe. Because of their disposition for direct sunlight, these easy-care trees can handle just about any planting location, even in close proximity to other trees. These low-maintenance trees are great to have in your yard, if not for their appearance, then definitely for the fruit they bear each year.

4. Amur Maple Tree

If you want a little more red and yellow in your yard, consider the beautiful Amur maple tree. This tree is tolerant of quite a few conditions that would harm other trees, including heavy winds, low water, and heavy pruning. They grow most resilient when owners plant them in direct sunlight.

5. Brush Bush

The brush bush is an evergreen, late-blooming tree that can bring subtle beauty to any yard or garden. While it’s sized more like a shrub, it grows wide rather than tall, making it ideal for creating good plant coverage across the ground. These low-effort trees don’t require much attention, but when planting, try to place it in the sunlight and away from harsh winds so that the blooms can really flourish during summer and fall

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