How To Tell If a Tree Is Dying on Your Greenville, NC, Property

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how to tell if a tree is dying

Determining tree health is one of the first steps in maintaining trees on your property.

Identifying dying trees requires a basic understanding of tree health indicators in the leaves, branches, and bark. Recognizing dying tree symptoms can help prevent safety hazards. In this blog post, our experts from Ultimate Tree Service, a leading tree service in Greenville, NC, can teach you how to tell if a tree is dying.

Signs of Tree Decline

Assessing tree vitality begins with evaluating the tree’s surface. While an expert arborist can help, learning how to tell if a tree is dying is easy when you know where to look.

Peeling Bark

If you notice bark falling off at the slightest touch, your tree may be having a difficult time gathering nutrients and staying healthy. Underneath your bark, there should be a layer of green: a sign that tells you a tree is doing well.

Falling Sticks

While some stick litter is natural, an excess amount of fallen branches is concerning for a tree’s health. Normally, a tree should have bendable, strong branches in abundance. If you don’t see these strong branches, your tree may not be healthy.

Dying Leaves

Falling leaves are generally normal, but excessive or rotten leaf fall is a sign that your tree simply isn’t getting enough nutrients. If your tree has no leaves, it may be time to call in an expert for tree removal before it becomes a problem.

Leaning Posture

If the tree is leaning for any reason, it could be a sign that it is dying or suffering from root damage. Trees can lean for many reasons, such as rot on the inside of the trunk or a lack of structure in the roots. While propping up a tree with braces can help amend the issue, some trees may be too big or far gone to consider saving if they’re already keeling over.

Invasive Conditions

Invasive conditions like bugs and rot can kill a tree from the bark to the core. Inspecting the bark for termites, ants, and other crawling creatures can quickly tell you whether the tree is home to just a few or far too many. You can learn how to tell if a tree is fading by observing anything on the tree’s bark, such as rot from disease or an excess of insects.

What To Do When Your Trees Are Dying

If your trees are dying, the best thing to do for your safety is to consult an arborist about tree removal. Learning how to tell if a tree is dying is a good first step; the second is getting expert help to handle potential hazards.

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