How To Graft a Tree Branch in Greenville, NC

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how to graft a tree branch

Tree grafting allows you to grow more of the same fruit with your desired attributes. Grafting is a process in which you take a small budding branch and attach it to the trunk of a different healthy tree. It’s best to graft trees in winter or early spring.

Do you want to learn how to graft a tree branch? As a local tree service specialist in Greenville, NC, Ultimate Tree Service knows that tree grafting can take multiple forms. Consider the guide below for popular techniques to help trees produce more fruit. 

Bud Grafting

The first step in bud grafting is taking a small budded branch or scion from the donor tree. The buds should be mature but unopened. Remove the branch’s leaves and cover it entirely with a damp paper towel. 

On your rootstock or graft tree, find a smaller branch than the cut, budded branch, and make a shallow T-shaped cut down the limb. The cut should create two flaps when you lift their corners. 

Discard the paper towel and cut a mature bud from it. Ensure you leave some of the bark and wood around it. Put the bud under the graft tree’s T-cut and wrap it in grafting tape without covering it. 

After a few weeks, you can remove the tape. It may take several more months before the bud starts to grow. 

Chip Budding

You should consider the chip budding method if you want to know how to graft a tree branch easily. To start, carefully cut a chunk from your rootstock’s trunk. Use that piece to measure out a chunk from your origin tree or cultivar that contains a bud.

Put the budded piece from the cultivar into the cut graft tree. Bind the bottom of the tree and its donor piece using a stretchy material, and leave the binding in place for about a month to ensure a thriving graft union.

Bark Grafting

For bark grafting, you’ll need about 3-foot-long scions with up to five buds and a rootstock with smooth, vertical branches about 2 inches in diameter. Cut the rootstock horizontally using a sharp tool to avoid ripping the wood or the tree bark. Next, make a 5-inch diagonal cut down your scions without cutting their buds.

Cut away enough bark on the side of the cut rootstock to fit a cut scion snuggly. After making the cut, put the scion to it and be careful to align the cambium layers. Secure the pieces with nails and seal the cut rootstock with grafting wax.

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