Wondering How To Get Rid of Black Fungus on Trees in Greenville, NC, Shouldn’t Make You Wonder, “Will Cutting Limbs Off a Tree Kill It?”

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will cutting limbs off a tree kill it

Some fungi benefit trees, but black fungus inhibits tree growth. You might think you should cut off a tree’s limbs to get rid of black fungus. But that probably makes you wonder, “Will cutting limbs off a tree kill it?” because even though you’re desperate to get rid of the black fungus, you don’t want to kill the tree.

The world needs to protect its trees. Your concern shows that you understand the value of them! This blog will help you understand the danger a tree faces if you do more than wonder, “Will cutting limbs off a tree kill it?” 

Why Cutting Limbs Off a Tree Could Kill It and Won't Get Rid of Black Fungus

This guide explains why cutting limbs off of a tree might kill it and why you should always use a top-rated tree service in Greenville, NC to maintain the health of your tree.

Most People Don't Understand How To Trim a Tree

Cutting a tree demands skill and knowledge. Because of this, arborists are the surgeons of the tree world. An arborist knows how to provide proper pruning, which helps a tree thrive and removes black fungus through selective cutting. But if someone who doesn’t understand tree trimming decides to do a DIY tree-cutting project, it almost always causes serious damage to the tree even if they only cut small branches.

Yet every year, arborists receive frantic calls from people who fail to realize this. They decide to finally cut the tree, and all of them make the same common mistakes. They wind up spending more money to correct those mistakes than if they had just called in a professional in the first place. Worse, they still haven’t solved their black fungus problem, because that requires professional pruning performed over time instead of in one big limb chop.

Small Branch Pruning Revitalizes the Tree and Controls the Growth of Black Fungus

The answer to, “Will cutting limbs off a tree kill it?” isn’t necessarily yes with proper pruning techniques and an understanding of how to cut away diseased areas to control the black fungus. People who don’t know this run the risk of hurting the tree’s food supply, removing what they view as overgrowth. Large limb removals can weaken the tree’s integrity.

Improper removal of both small branches and large branches can make the tree a target for other infestations and possible death. Anything less than the use of a qualified arborist will cause dire problems for a tree, including the proliferation of black fungus.

Make Sure Your Greenville Trees Thrive With the Help of Our Professional Team

If you want to know how to manage black fungus or how to recognize signs of a dying tree, Ultimate Tree Service can help. We understand how to correctly prune for the results you want instead of making you wonder ” Will cutting limbs off a tree kill it?” Contact Ultimate Tree Service at 252-886-0373 for more information.

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