How To Dry Out an Overwatered Tree in Greenville, NC

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how to dry out overwatered tree

Too much of anything can be a bad thing, and that includes water. Overwatering your trees can cause the roots to suffocate and eventually diminish their overall health. 

The good news is that you can fix this problem and restore your tree’s health before it becomes unsalvageable. As the provider of top-rated tree services in Greenville, NC, Ultimate Tree Service can teach you how to dry out overwatered trees. 

What Happens When You Overwater a Tree?

How do you overwater a tree in the first place?

The soil around your tree contains air pockets. Your tree’s roots use these air pockets to breathe since oxygen is just as essential for trees as it is for us.

If you overwater your tree, these air pockets become waterlogged. The result suffocates tree roots so they can’t deliver the oxygen your tree needs to thrive.

Three Steps for Overwatered Tree Recovery

Is it even possible to save a tree after you overwater it?

Rescuing a waterlogged tree is possible if you take the right steps. Let’s review three ways you can dry out tree roots and save your tree before it’s too late. 

1. Stop Watering Your Tree

The first and most obvious thing you should do is stop watering the tree for a few days. Use a tarp to cover the roots if rainy weather is forecast. Letting the sun dry out the roots can help prevent the damage from worsening and restore air pockets to the soil.

2. Move the Tree Somewhere Else

When learning how to dry out overwatered trees, one of the more challenging options involves moving the tree. Take potted trees out of the pot and soil you planted them in and put them somewhere to drain. For trees in the ground, you’ll need to carefully dig them up and move them to an area with better water-draining soil.

3. Remove Any Sources of Moisture

Things like mulch make a great option for keeping the moisture in, but this can pose a problem if you overwater your trees. You can improve tree drainage by removing the mulch and poking holes in the soil to let in more air. You can also dig up the soil’s top layer to allow more air to reach the roots.

Get Help Saving a Flooded Tree by Calling Ultimate Tree Service in Greenville, NC

Overwatering your tree doesn’t have to be a death sentence. Our Ultimate Tree Service team can help you learn more about how to prevent overwatering trees, how to dry out overwatered trees, and how to know when it’s time for professional services. 

Our professional arborists offer tree trimming, removal, and more. We can also identify the signs of a dead tree and let you know if your tree has a potentially dangerous disease. 

Are you concerned about the health of your trees? Are you looking for ways to be proactive about your tree care? Call 252-886-0373 and let Ultimate Tree Service address all your tree-related needs in Greenville, North Carolina.

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