Emergency Tree Removal Greenville NC

When a tree in Greenville, NC, poses an imminent danger to life or property, you need the expertise of Emergency Tree Removal experts. Whether
it’s a fallen tree blocking a road, a dangerously leaning tree threatening to collapse, or storm-damaged branches endangering
your home. Our quick and efficient services prioritize safety, employing advanced equipment and techniques to handle
emergencies effectively.

With our 24/7 emergency tree removal service and rapid response, our team ensures swift and safe removal of trees posing
immediate risks to your property. When emergencies strike, rely on us to keep you safe and restore your peace of mind.


Identifying Emergency Tree

Risk Factors

Sometimes, natural conditions can turn a tree from an asset to a potential hazard, requiring immediate attention
to avoid accidents and property damage. Recognizing the urgency and gravity of emergencies is pivotal in
ensuring swift, safe, and effective measures to address such critical scenarios.

Leaning or
Tilting Trees

Trees leaning at unusual angles, especially after a storm, could indicate compromised stability. This instability can pose a risk of falling onto structures or passersby.


A tree with a hollow trunk has its structural integrity compromised, making it more susceptible to falling. This poses a threat to nearby property and people, warranting immediate removal.


Cracks or hanging branches can weaken their stability and increase the risk of breaking off. This can harm people and property below, requiring emergency removal.


Trees that have been severely damaged by storms, such as fallen branches or extensive trunk damage, may pose an immediate threat and need emergency removal.


Tree roots above the ground surface can indicate stability issues and potential uprooting. This indicates that the tree may need to be removed before it falls unexpectedly.

Our Emergency Response

When trouble strikes in the form of fallen trees or hazardous branches, having a reliable team
by your side makes all the difference. Trust Ultimate Tree and Landscape for your go-to for
emergency tree services, and here’s why:


Our trained professionals prioritize safety, employing specialized techniques to remove trees without endangering property or individuals.

Insurance Compliance

Our team ensures compliance with insurance requirements, often necessary for claims related to property damage caused by fallen trees.


We look for prompt removal of damaged or unstable trees to minimize the risk of falling branches or trees, reducing potential harm to people and structures.


Offering round-the-clock services, our emergency tree removal teams are available whenever crises arise, providing peace of mind.

Specialized Equipment

Our team utilizes specialized equipment and tools for efficient and safe tree removal, ensuring a swift resolution.

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At Ultimate Tree and Landscape, we understand the urgency of tree-related emergencies and the peace of mind that
comes with a dependable team by your side. Our commitment to prompt response and a crew of skilled professionals
ensure that your emergency tree needs are met with care and expertise.

Our 24/7 availability means you can count on us at any hour.

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