Do You Water Dormant Trees in Greenville, NC?

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do you water dormant trees

When your tree sheds its leaves and looks lifeless in winter, does that mean you should stop watering it? Well, the tree’s roots and internal functions are still active because they maintain the chemical processes that control dormancy. So, if you think about it, the tree won’t be able to sustain all these functions without sufficient water and oxygen. 

How do you water dormant trees? That’s a great question! Here, the certified team from Ultimate Tree Service, a trusted tree service in Greenville, NC, delves into how you can find the right balance with your winter watering strategy.

What’s the Deal With Watering Dormant Trees?

When your yard’s soil becomes cold and dry during winter, it loses its natural insulating properties. Sadly, these properties play a great role in protecting tree root systems. 

Dry soil poses several problems for your trees, including the following:

  • Dry soil freezes much faster. When this happens, it kills the finer roots near the surface. These roots are essential for transporting nutrients and water from the soil to various parts of your tree. 
  • Dry soil hampers decomposition. In winter, the organic matter doesn’t break down as easily or release nutrients into the soil. The organisms responsible for decomposition also die or move to more favorable conditions, so your soil’s overall health suffers.

If you water in winter, you offer dry soil prevention, which also ensures better soil insulation during the cold season. 

    How Often Should You Water Trees in the Winter?

    How often to water dormant trees depends on the prevailing weather conditions. Suppose it has been raining heavily, and then it starts to snow. In that case, you don’t have to water your trees immediately. 

    What if a wave of cold and dry weather follows after heavy rains? You’ll need to give your trees sufficient water, depending on their size. Tree care experts like Ultimate Tree Service typically recommend ten gallons of water per inch of the tree trunk’s diameter to ensure proper root system maintenance. 

    Tips for Watering Trees in Winter

    How do you water dormant trees? You only need to follow these tips, and your trees will thrive through the cold months:

    • Water from October through March. 
    • Water when the temperatures are above 40 degrees Fahrenheit
    • Water only when the ground around the trees is free of ice or snow. 
    • Water using the “low and slow” technique for sufficient seepage into the soil. 
    • Water deeply with a soaker hose for the best results for your tree’s roots. 
    • Water more if it’s a tree in a windy area. 
    • In winter, water around noon when the soil is warmest and absorbs moisture better. 

    Trust Your Local Tree Experts for Help

    So, how do you water dormant trees in Greenville, North Carolina? Why not ask Ultimate Tree Service, the go-to tree expert in the area? The company’s wide range of services includes the following and more:

    • Tree trimming
    • Tree removal
    • Commercial tree services

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