The Importance of Correct Tree Mulching: Tips for Greenville, NC Residents

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correct tree mulching

Mulching gives your landscape a more pleasing appearance and contributes to the overall health of your trees. But you have to do it right to reap maximum rewards. As the go-to tree service contractor in Greenville, NC, the Ultimate Tree Service crew explores mulching techniques for trees.   

Keep reading to learn more about mulch application around trees.  

Benefits of Mulching Trees

When selecting mulch for your trees, tree care experts recommend organic over inorganic mulch. Popular organic mulch options include bark chips, compost, leaves, straw, sawdust, or rice hulls. Organic mulches cost less upfront, but they barely offer similar benefits compared to organic mulch.  

Mulching around your trees:

  • Improves soil structure, aeration, and fertility as it decomposes  
  • Protects plants from lawn equipment and foot traffic  
  • Regulates soil temperature, protecting roots from extreme temperatures  
  • Retains soil moisture by slowing evaporation and increasing water filtration  
  • Reduces soil compaction by reducing foot and vehicle traffic  
  • Suppresses weeds that compete with tree roots for water and nutrients  

Proper Tree Mulching Methods

While mulching offers clear benefits, improper or excessive mulching can harm plants. Over-mulching, for example, starves the roots of oxygen and inhibits water loss through evaporation. Consider the following mulching guidelines:  

  • Use organic mulch to reap better rewards. Arborists recommend organic mulch for its soil-enhancing qualities.  
  • While you can apply mulch any time of the year, experts advise doing it in the middle of spring once soil temperatures have warmed sufficiently for root growth to begin.  
  • Correct tree mulching guidelines recommend mulching out rather than up. Generally, a mulch depth of 2-4 inches for trees should suffice, but you should mulch less when using finely textured mulch or if you have poorly drained soil. Applying over four inches of mulch can compromise your tree’s root system.  
  • If possible, mulch to the tree’s drip line. Remember, however, that the drip line moves out as the tree grows.  
  • Ensure all mulch stays away from the tree’s trunk, allowing the root flare to remain visible just above ground level. You want to create a mulch ring around trees rather than pile mulch against the trunk. This practice, also called volcano mulching, can cause severe tree health complications.  
  • Keep the roots moist but the trunk dry.  
  • Finely shredded mulches require replenishing more often because they decompose faster.  
  • Before replenishing mulch each season, inspect the depth. You may need to remove old mulch before adding a new layer.   
  • Break up any matted layers of old much with a rake or by hand to “refresh” it.  

Trust Your Local Tree Care Experts

Now that you know about correct tree mulching, reach out and learn about the importance of pruning. With a commitment to delivering top-tier tree care solutions, we at Ultimate Tree Services aim to inspire a deeper appreciation of the environment. The local community relies on us for:  

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