A Case Study of Ultimate Tree Service’s Multiple Pine Tree Removal in Greenville, NC

A Case Study of Ultimate Tree Service’s Multiple Pine Tree Removal in Greenville, NC

by | May 28, 2024

Arboreal specimens might bring beauty and shade to an outdoor space, but these perks don’t always outweigh the potential hazards. 

Ultimate Tree Service recently undertook a demanding job in Greenville, NC, which involved multiple pine tree removal and cleanup. The client decided to take a proactive approach and breathe easier when the next hurricane season arrives. 


multiple pine tree removal

Sprawling canopies that loomed over the client’s abode


Breaking Down the Cluster Pine Removal Service in Greenville, NC

  • Client profile: Residential
  • Location: Greenville, NC
  • Type of service: Multiple pine tree removal
  • Tree size: Approx. 60 feet tall
  • Equipment/products used: Crane, loader, three-person crew for faster cleanup and job time
  • Service frequency: One-time project
  • Season: Spring
  • Tree type: Pine Tree
  • Additional services: Total job cleanup with no debris left on the ground on the job site
  • Client preferences: The client had three established pine trees, two of which threatened a structure on their property. Ultimate Tree Service successfully removed them and hauled away the remnants.


multiple pine tree removal

Utilizing cranes to efficiently reach the topmost portions


An Efficient, Same-Day Multiple Pine Take Down in Greenville

The company’s secret to its precision pine stand removal work lies in its meticulous approach:

  • Assessment: The insured pine tree-cutting crew discussed details with the client and inspected the site to formulate a strategy. They also double-checked the paperwork and local regulations for full compliance.
  • Preparation: Service providers that skip the preparation phase often encounter delays, or worse, nasty accidents. That’s why Ultimate Tree Service moves obstructions, sets up safety zones, and double-checks all equipment readiness before starting.
  • Execution: Specialists carefully dismantled the towering pines, piece by piece. They took great care to protect the client’s roof and landscape from falling branches or debris. 
  • Cleanup: The only remaining evidence of the pines was their small stumps. The company always tidies up the job site and leaves it looking better than they found it.

The Go-To Team for Affordable Multi-Pine Removal and Other Arboreal Work in Greenville

The client who ordered the multiple pine tree removal felt incredibly satisfied with the results. 

Whether it involves chipping and hauling pine trees or scheduled upkeep, Ultimate Tree Service completes every job to the highest standard. They also diligently listen to client needs, provide regular updates, and remain available for follow-up questions or concerns. 


Meticulous branch removal before finally cutting down the trunk

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