Ultimate Tree Service Opens Outdoor Area in Greenville, NC Via Multiple Large Oak Tree Removal

Ultimate Tree Service Opens Outdoor Area in Greenville, NC Via Multiple Large Oak Tree Removal

by | Jun 14, 2024

Subject: Ultimate Tree Service Makes Space for a Pool Through Multiple Large Oak Tree Removal in Greenville, NC

A Greenville homeowner had plans for a new swimming pool in their front yard. However, they faced a couple of obstacles: two sizable oak trees. They contacted Ultimate Tree Service for multiple large oak tree removal to give them space for future pool installation. 


Multiple Large Oak Tree Removal


  • Client Profile: Residential
  • Location: Greenville, NC
  • Type of Service: Multiple Large Oak Tree Removal
  • Tree Size: Approx. 50 feet tall
  • Tree Type: Oak
  • Equipment/Products Used: Crane, Loader, 3-man crew for faster service completion and cleanup. 
  • Service Frequency: One-time Project
  • Season: Spring
  • Additional Services: Total job cleanup with no debris left on the ground on the job site.  
  • Client Preferences: The client wanted two large oak trees removed to make room for a swimming pool. Our team successfully removed both and hauled away all debris. 


Multiple Large Oak Tree Removal


Oak Trees Thwart a Client’s Property Development

The specimens measured about 50 feet tall with wide impressive crowns. Their size and position limited the client’s ability to break ground on swimming pool installation. They scheduled a tree removal service with Ultimate Tree Service, a trusted tree removal company in Greenville, NC. 

Professional Tree Removal Safely Clears the Land

Routine and emergency tree removal requires careful planning. The two oak trees in this study were sturdy, healthy, and mature which made the multiple large oak tree removal predictable but time-consuming. The three-man crew used teamwork and heavy equipment to finish the job. 

Branch Elimination

Oak tree trimming began with cutting the branches which made the trunk more manageable for the team. They used a crane to safely access the uppermost limbs. 

Sectioning and Removing the Trunk

Next, tree cutting began. The team carefully cut the trunk into sections, leaving the stump at the base. Once they finished tree trimming in Greenville, NC they placed the sections into the loader before hauling them away. 

Multiple Large Oak Tree Removal: Challenges and Solutions

When tree removal in Greenville, NC, involves multiple specimens, it becomes more difficult because of tangled limbs and connected root systems. The crew overcame these challenges by expertly maneuvering their crane for efficient crown access.  

Client Has Space for a Swimming Pool in Greenville, NC

The satisfied client was able to lay a sturdy pool foundation, thanks to Ultimate Tree Service’s multiple large oak tree removal in Greenville, NC. Contact them if you are searching for “tree removal near me.”


Multiple Large Oak Tree Removal

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